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Ultimate Nano Coat v3

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Clear Nano Glass Coating for bare metal and all types of wheels / rims.

Heat Resistant, Anti-Rust & Extremely Resistant to Chemical Attacks.

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Ultimate Nano Coat v3 30ml
349,00 zł


Ultimate Nano Coat v3 is a perrmanent nano glass coating for bare metal. Works on any type of metal, ferrous or non-ferrous. A single layer of this product stops bare aluminium from oxidising. 

UNC v3 can be applied in multiple layers for increased durability. We recommend to leave at least 12 hours between the layers.

Heat resistance of up to +1200c, ensures this product can be applied on engines and exhausts or any other bare metal parts and all types of wheels / rims.

Protected surfaces are rust-free, heat resistant and super easy to clean!

If applied in multiple layers on a rough surface - remove excess product from first layer, but leave untouched for the second layer for increased durability.

>>> Download Instructions <<<

Before UNC V3 application, please make sure the bare metal surface is polished and cleaned with Panel wipe or IPA.


It’s very important to have good lighting in the place of application! In dim light you might not spot smears left behind and removing them later will be a lot more difficult.
Also, good ventilation and appropriate protective wear (Gloves, googles, mask) is recommended.

Please make sure you have the following before UNC v3 application:

1. Panel Wipe or IPA – not supplied
2. Ultimate Nano Coat v3
3. Applicator Sponge – not supplied
4. Microfiber Towels – not supplied

UNC v3 Application:

Once again make sure the surface is cleaned with Panel wiper or IPA before coating application. Clean the surface thoroughly with a fresh microfiber towel and make sure there are no visible marks on the metal surface before commencing the coating application.

1. Open the UNC v3 bottle and put the applicator sponge on top and shake it once. Move the sponge a bit and shake it again. Do it for 3-4 times till the sponge is a bit wet (not soaked!).
2. Put the sponge on the surface and apply the coating with short and quick movements.
Don’t do circular movements. Keep applying till the whole area is covered.
3. At temperatures of less than 25c leave the coating for less than 3 minutes before removal. At higher temperatures remove the coating almost immediately after applying.
4. Remove the coating with a microfiber towel cloth till smear free. We recommend using 2 towels/cloths for excess coating removal.
5. For extra durability we recommend applying a second layer. Second layer is to be applied 2-3 hours after the first one. The hotter the sooner.


1. Always use new microfiber towels/cloths
2. The coating crystallizes around the bottle necks, so take extra care when opening bottles for the first time.
3. Remember not to mix applicator sponges and other towels if other coatings are applied simultaneously.
4. Pay attention: once the sponges are dried, the liquid get crystalized and sponges couldn’t be re-used.
5. Recommended consumption is 10 ml. per sqm in 2 layers: ~7.5 ml. for the first layer and ~2.5 ml. per sqm for the second.

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