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Max Protect Polska- OCHRONA KÓŁ / OPON


Max Protect Ultra Nano Coat V3 has been specially designed and formulated to withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 1,200°C) and strong wheel cleaning chemicals, thus making it ideal to protect your wheels, brake calipers and any bare metal surfaces like exhaust tips, steel, chrome or aluminium.

Wheels are prone to the harshest elements encountered on your car, from burning hot brake dust to tar, road grime, harsh cleaning chemicals (Acidic and alkaline) and therefore wheels need a coating that can withstand all of this and more. Our coatings set hard as glass and encase the wheel surface with a strong membrane that will last for years.

This coating can be applied to any type of painted wheel rim, alloy wheel or metal surfaces and provides a long lasting barrier which is totally chemical resistant.

Once applied and cured the coating will bond onto bare metal and painted surfaces on a molecular level, this repels dirt and brake dust ensuring that cleaning your wheels is much easier, especially if you have a European car that typically emits a lot of corrosive brake dust.

UNC V3 is suitable for most rim types including clear coated (like most factory wheels), anodized, powder coated and even painted wheels.


Max Protect Wheel Protection is available from your local certified detailer - Call us now to make a booking. Note: Wheels are removed from the car to ensure protection across all wheel surfaces.


Prices start from $250 for a set of 4 wheels