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Our vast experience in the bodywork and professional car detailing industry made it possible for us to develop products that work quicker and better than anything else available in the current marketplace. Application speed was, and still is important, but we were most concerned with issues like product durability, ease-of-application and ease-of-maintenance. Many products were very good in terms of durability, but for some brands ongoing maintenance, or multiple layers needed or even subsequent re-application was an issue. Max Protect have developed a unique and revolutionary system that is easy to apply, requires minimal maintenance and could withstand even the harshest real life conditions that we face in Australia. All this can be acheived with just one application, no layering and no multiple steps required. For the pro detailer this saves time and effort and minimises the possibility of introducing micro scratches due to multiple touch points during application. Easier and trouble free application also keeps costs low and ensures exceptional value for our customers and car owners.

After years of trial and error we finally have it! A paintwork protection system that can be used in any climate, doesn’t require specialist equipment like IR lamps or bake ovens, works on many surfaces, including metal and plastic, is extremely durable and easy to clean due to the extreme hydrophobic properties of UNC-R.

UNC-R 1.5 PAINTWORK COATING: Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care products market! UNC-R is the only coating in the world that turns into a hard, tough, continuous rubber membrane when applied and cured in room temperature! It is the newest addition to our UNC range and has some unrivalled properties – extremely glossy and silky smooth surface with no top-ups. Ultra high Chemical Resistance, years of durability and increases paintwork resistance against small stone chips and washing scratches (light swirls).

UNC-R is a real game changer 

We have trained professional detailers across Australia who can apply our unique UNC-R coating to any new or used car - call us now to arrange a booking.


Application prices start from $699 (With UNC V2)

Application prices start from $995 (With UNC-R) 


Mercedes SL55 AMG - Left side before, right side after correction.
Mercedes SL55 AMG Front wing before paint corection
Mercedes SL55 AMG Front wing after paint corection
Mercedes SL55 AMG Front wing and bonnet after paint corection

Setting the benchmark for any professional car detailer, here at Max Protect we understand the need and demand for quality products by our clients, placing a great deal of emphasis on research to ensure our brand stands out from the crowd, gaining a fantastic reputation for quality, ease of application, competitive pricing and the most amazing results that offer a durable and long lasting level of protection wherever applied. 


Mercedes SL55 AMG boot lid before paint correction
Mercedes SL55 AMG boot lid after paint correction
Mercedes SL55 AMG Fully Protected with Max Protect Nano Coatings