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Water Spot Remover

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Hard Water Spot Remover takes out water spots and etching from car paint, metal, plastics and glass in seconds!

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Water Spot Remover 100ml
170,00 zł


Hard water spots and etching can be a real problem to remove, especially on modern soft paintwork.

Max Protect Hard Water Spot Remover is an easy to use, non-abrasive solution, which will not scratch the paint while removing water spots - very easy and quick to use.

Very effective if used as pre-cleaner for paint before correction stages - removes water stains, etching, bugs, tree sap, tar, etc. so you can start on clean paint. Better start - better final result!

Can be used on many surfaces that suffer from hard water staining - paint, plastic, glass, stainless steel, etc.

If using on glass, this product leaves crystal clear finish with no smears, and creates a super hydrophobic surface (non-permanent). We recommend using this product as a pre-cleaner prior to our Ultimate Glass Coat PRO application, or use it for cleaning glass on a regular basis - you will love the crystal clear finish this product creates!

1. Apply Hard Water Spot remover by spraying directly on surface or in a cloth (microfiber or cotton).

2. Make sure you have covered the whole surface and leave it to react for 10 seconds - if there is water spots or etching, the liquid will turn milky and affected areas will be highlighted. Wipe over the whole area with the same cloth you used to spread it, and apply more product if necessary.

3. It works best when the area is fully covered with the product. Wipe with the same cloth till you can see all spots disappearing.

4. Take a new fresh cloth and clean the surface till totally clean.


1. Do not let the Water Spot Remover dry out on the surface - it can become smeary and difficult to remove if let to dry - much more noticeable in hotter climates. If this is the case, apply more product on top, take a fresh cloth and remove excess immediately.

2. Do not leave cloths soaked in this product on glass or any other surface for prolonged time - it can create a patch/smear that can be difficult to remove.

3. Do not use in direct sun.

4. Wear gloves wen using this product.

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